Proposed Amendments to the Clothing Textile Flammability Standard



Trade Update • Sept. 20, 2022


he U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is proposing to amend the Standard for the Flammability of Clothing Textiles to clarify existing provisions, expand permissible equipment and materials, and update outdated equipment requirements.

The Standard aims to reduce the risk of injury and death by providing a national standard for testing and rating the flammability of textiles and textile products used for clothing. The Standard applies to all items of clothing and fabrics intended to be used for clothing (i.e., articles of wearing apparel), whether for adults or children, for daywear or nightwear, with certain listed exclusions. It includes test equipment, materials, and procedures for testing the flammability of clothing textiles.

CPSC proposes to update the burn code provisions in the Standard for raised surface textile fabrics to consolidate redundant codes, eliminate unnecessary and unclear codes, and improve clarity. The Commission had received several comments indicating that burn code information for raised surface textile fabrics is unclear. Because the burn codes help determine whether a fabric is permissible for use in clothing, a lack of clarity in these provisions could lead to misclassifications, which could impact consumer safety.

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