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Reminder: Goods Contaminated With Soil Will Be Refused Entry at the Border

Posted September 16, 2020

Strict phytosanitary measures in relation to soil are necessary in order to limit the risks of introduction and spread of harmful soil-borne pests and diseases into Canada.
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With this in mind, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has issued a reminder advising that vehicles, equipment and other goods arriving at the border that are contaminated with soil are not admissible into Canada.

Non-compliant goods will be refused entry and ordered removed from Canada at the first point of arrival under the authority of the Plant Protection Act and the Health of Animals Act.

Certain limited exceptions for cleaning the contamination at the first point of arrival may be granted, under rigorous conditions, and where operational capacity exists.

Whether the goods are returned or cleaned in Canada, all additional costs (including the inspection, handling, transportation, storage, cleaning, and/or disposal of contaminated goods) will be at the expense of the importer.

Some items which could potentially be contaminated with soil and soil-related matter include vehicles, containers, equipment, logs/lumber, blocks of stone, machinery and tools.

Need More Information?

Links to relevant directives, agency resources, and other information concerning the treatment of soil and soil-related matter can be found on the CFIA’s website here

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