Reminder: HS2022 U.S. Tariff Changes Take Effect on January 27

Harmonized System Tariff Changes Taking Place in 2022

Trade Update • JANUARY 19, 2021

With hundreds of modifications to the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States set to take effect on January 27, now is the time for importers to review existing tariff classifications for their products.

As previously reported, the changes are set to impact 350 products and various product groups in the HTS, notably for goods of chapters 44, 84, and 85, along with certain changes to chapter notes, meaning changes for textiles and apparel. Generally speaking, the modifications are intended to account for advances in technology, environmental considerations, and health and safety priorities of global concern.

If you have not done so already,  this opportunity should be taken to carefully review your products and classification numbers to see if they are subject to any upcoming changes and ensure that your goods are not unintentionally misclassified once the changes go into effect.

USMCA Considerations

Because many of the changes made are at the six-digit level of HTS numbers, both importers and exporters in Canada, Mexico, and the United States need to be aware that the HS2022 modifications could potentially impact their existing blanket certificates of origin under the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement.

Importers and exporters are strongly advised, therefore, to review their certificates prior to shipping to ensure they match any changes made to HTS numbers on shipping documents.


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