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Reminders & Updates: Canadian Export Reporting

Posted September 29, 2020

Exporters are reminded that with decommissioning of the Canadian Automated Export Declaration system on September 30, 2020, all export declarations and Summary Reporting Program monthly reports must now be submitted electronically through the Canadian Export Reporting System Portal.
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The CERS Portal is a secure data transmission option developed by the Canada Border Services Agency that allows traders to submit electronic export declarations to the CBSA.

Amending or Voiding Past Export Declarations

In Customs Notice 20-30, the CBSA recently outlined the procedures to be followed when voiding or amending export declarations made using previous reporting methods that are no longer valid or operational. This includes export form B13A, which was eliminated on June 20, 2020, the electronic File Transfer (eFT) formerly used to submit Summary Reports to Statistics Canada, and the soon-to-be-retired CAED system.  

Subsequent changes to previously submitted paper B13A export declarations and summary reports via electronic file transfer must be made by contacting the CBSA Importer and Exporter Compliance Unit and sending an e-mail that includes a scanned copy of the original export form or report and a detailed explanation of the information being amended or reason for voiding.   

Changes to export declarations that were originally submitted using CAED can be made directly through the CERS Portal (proof of report number required). 

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