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Trade Update • MARCH 13, 2021

Ahead of this year’s celebration of International Women’s Day, the Trade Commissioner Service recently updated its online information concerning the various services offered to Business Women in International Trade.

The TCS, a division of Global Affairs Canada, provides free advice to help companies navigate the complexities of international markets and make better business decisions. Part of its mission is to contribute positively towards closing the gender gap in Canada by—among other things—helping female entrepreneurs improve their chances of achieving business success.

“The more we can get women active in the international trade space, the better off the Canadian economy will be,” says TCS Deputy Director Michael Mancini, adding for emphasis, “the better off Canada will be.”

Canadian businesses that are owned, managed or controlled by one or more women may benefit from the following services.

Federal Funding for Women Entrepreneurs

Regional Funding for Women Entrepreneurs

Eastern Canada

Central Canada

  • Export Québec (available in French only): Contributions that help Quebec-based companies grow internationally.
  • Femmessor: Loans between $20,000 and $150,000 for women entrepreneur in Quebec.
  • PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise: Non-profit organization providing government-backed community loans to help women start or grow a business.

Western Canada

Other Resources

Additional Information

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