Section 232 Tariff Changes on Steel and Aluminum Products from the U.K. and Ukraine

2022-06-13T15:32:28+00:00June 2nd, 2022|International Trade Issues, Trade Compliance, U.S. Customs|

Importer of steel and/or aluminum into the U.S.? Good news, Section 232 tariff changes on steel and aluminum products from the U.K. and Ukraine have been implemented. Find out all the details on what qualifies as duty-free.

Supply Chain Report Calls for New ‘Trade Strike Team’ and Tougher Enforcement Measures

2021-06-14T15:24:43+00:00June 11th, 2021|International Trade Issues, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Other Government Agencies/Depts., Trade Compliance|

What are some actions you can take to strengthen your supply chain? Find out here, along with all the details on the Biden Administration's immediate action to address vulnerabilities and strengthen resilience of U.S. supply chains.

CIT Invalidates Trump’s Section 232 Steel Tariffs on Steel “Derivatives”

2021-04-12T13:20:09+00:00April 10th, 2021|Other Government Agencies/Depts., Trade Compliance, U.S. Customs|

The U.S. Court of International Trade ruled earlier this week that former President Trump’s Proclamation 9980 subjecting steel and aluminum “derivatives” to 25% tariffs under Section 232 is invalid because it was enacted outside the time limit allowed by Congress.

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