CBP Issues Guidance on Protests and Liquidation Extensions re Section 301 Litigation

2021-12-14T20:10:05+00:00December 8th, 2021|U.S. Customs|

Is your company affected? First brought by HMTX Industries LLC in September 2020 and initially targeting just List 3 tariffs, the lawsuit has since grown in size, expanding to include List 4 tariffs placed on imports from China under Section 301, and has been joined by thousands of companies. Read on to find out all the details.

Weekly Trade Briefing: June 7-11, 2021

2021-06-16T15:27:44+00:00June 15th, 2021|Canada Customs, International Trade Issues, Other Government Agencies/Depts., Trade Compliance, U.S. Customs|

Find out what the latest trade developments are from CBSA workers holding strike votes over pay and 'toxic workplace culture' - to a ruling where #importers must file protests with CBP in order to preserve their ability to obtain duty refunds in connection with exclusions from Section301 tariffs, we've detailed these and much more for you here.

Ford Could Face $1.3 Billion in Penalties Over Alleged Duty Evasion Scheme

2021-06-10T13:44:50+00:00June 9th, 2021|Other Government Agencies/Depts., Trade Compliance, U.S. Customs|

What does this 'duty evasion scheme' look like - that the Ford Motor Company has allegedly used? U.S. Customs has issued a pre-penalty notice to the company demanding $181 million in duties with an additional $1.3 billion in import penalties on the horizon. We detail everything you need to know about this major story here.

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