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The Customs Broker (Video)

Posted November 23, 2018

Video Transcript:

The Customs Broker

Hello, I am Neil Stewart, and I'm with George H Young or GHY International. For those of you who may not know, GHY is a Canadian and US Customs Broker based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Today, I just wanted to introduce myself to those out there that do not realize they need me yet. I work in the world of helping company’s with their importing / exporting activities to help them do it better. The world of customs and logistics had gotten more complicated, frustrating, and costly just in the last dozen or so months.

Uncertainty? Interrupted supply chains?  Shifts in sourcing and a Plan B? Trade Wars?  Surtax’s?  Increased Costs?

Who helps you makes sense of this all when you are simply just trying to run your business? Who gets to show more value than ever before by being a trusted partner in your supply chain versus a transaction processor? The Customs Broker.

With GHY, we are about helping our customers be their best! Many traders are suffering from neglect and putting themselves at risk because they have no relationship with their service provider.  Imagine having an accountant or lawyer and no relationship with them.  You should have one of some kind with your customs broker. For me….

I do enjoy meeting with people and learning about them and their businesses for the past 25 years.  When given the opportunity to ask and learn, it helps me in my assessment and can really help your company with your activities going forward.

My rules…

  • Be very honest or straight forward in my opinion with what I learn;
  • Do not suggest something that I would not do myself;
  • Earn your trust before I earn your business;
  • Do all the right things for you as a trader no different than a lawyer or accountant would;
  • All the above builds a great relationship.

Call me. I can help you.  Thank you and have a great day.

Neil Stewart - | 204 - 290-0424

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