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Trade Update • May 17, 2023

he current phase of CARM allows for CARM Client Portal (CCP) Registration, a mandatory requirement for all importers (yes, you!) come Release 2 in October 2023. For many of our clients, this crucial step in addition to the delegation of authority has been completed. However, many importers are not prepared for this transition, and we want to ensure all know what’s expected to stay compliant with Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

  • A Customs Broker does not have the ability to view an importer’s CCP registration status alone, it is an importer’s approval of their business relationship request that they rely on to verify a client’s registration and to confirm service abilities in CARM.
  • Currently, Customs Broker access allows for additional assistance with CCP account activities or function inquiries. As of CARM Release 2, this business relationship is required for a Customs Broker to provide import services and/or manage an account.
  • As a reminder in your CARM preparations, be sure to delegate authority to GHY through the CCP selection: ‘Manage third party requests’. If you don’t see your broker’s request, you can contact us to have us submit a request in CCP for your approval.

Financial Security [Bonds] – What You Need to Know

  • Though many Customs Brokers have informed importers to proactively secure a bond in 2021, 2022, and again in 2023, this action has resulted in an unnecessary expense (in most instances). In fact, as of today, CBSA has proposed a 180-day grace period starting from the anticipated CARM Release 2 date of October 2023.
  • The process of securing a bond will become more streamlined by Q4 2023 into Q1 2024. Though GHY is not a surety company and cannot sell bonds, we can assist you in arranging for one. By committing to our recommended provider, you can benefit from competitive pricing based on your credit history with GHY.
  • Assuming CARM R2 occurs in October 2023, and based on the above, we request that you contact us to authorize GHY to help arrange a bond for you between October 1, 2023, and March 30, 2024. We will ensure that you receive the preferred treatment with the surety company.

For more information on CARM please visit our webpage, or contact us by email, or phone at 1-833-GHY-CARM.

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