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The Role of a Trade Compliance Champion: Case Studies

Posted May 10, 2016

As stated at the outset of this series, a “trade champion” is the vehicle by which the organization can connect the intention of being compliant with the reality of actually living it out across all of its business units and functional areas.

Two of the firms we consulted with in the research of this paper generously provided us with concise descriptions of how they view their role in advancing their organization’s trade compliance objectives.  

“I see it as my responsibility to ensure that all of our legal and fiscal responsibilities, in the declaration of goods to government agencies are met, as well as facilitating the movement of cargo crossing international borders.
I work to ensure the global supply chain is not interrupted due to careless mistakes with Customs or other federal organization where Customs acts as the policing agent.
I assist in managing risk by reviewing and focusing on identifiable situation for missteps throughout the company. My team and I ensure we communicate, educate, and develop processes that help diminish those risks as we grow in international sales.”

Mary Palmer
Senior Manager, International Trade Compliance

Indiana-based MasterBrand Cabinets operates more than 25 manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, and retail stores throughout the United States and Canada.

“Put simply, my role is to ensure the integrity of the supply chain from the inception or design stage through to the exportation of the finished product to the end user, verifying that due diligence was applied at all stages for a truly compliant product.
Part of my role is to ensure that all personnel in our company are aware of the regulatory requirements for each country of export. We also verify that our vendors are able to maintain our requirements as they pertain to safety and the workplace, along with criteria for all the security initiatives we adhere to.
The most important contribution I can make to our company's success is to communicate to all personnel the importance of following standard operating procedures, which will ensure customer satisfaction with a quality product, delivered in a timely fashion. This also ensures prices are not inflated due to unforeseen costs caused by failure to achieve due diligence and maintain the integrity of the supply chain.”

Maryanne McGibney
Trade Compliance Manager

Founded in 1939 (as Richlu Sportswear), Richlu Manufacturing is a Canadian company specializing in manufacturing of quality work wear, safety, and insulated outerwear.


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