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The TPP & TPA: Six Important Letters Explained in Three Minutes

Posted May 01, 2015

Not usually the most edifying source of information about economic matters in general or international trade in particular, CNN produced a short but surprisingly illuminating video the other day which concisely outlines in broad strokes the key issues surrounding the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Trade Promotion Authority legislation that is soon to be scheduled for what promises to be an explosive floor fight in Congress.

Produced by former Politico reporter Eric Bradner, the piece neatly summarizes why the TPP is such a big deal (or “BFD” to be more precise) touching on the scope of the agreement, the economic underpinnings and ramifications of the deal in terms of the difficult questions and trade-offs involved for various countries and particular sectors, as well as its political implications and dividing fault lines.

Click here for companion online print version providing more detail on the “six reasons you should drop everything and read about the trade war.”