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Tools of the Trade: Understanding Your Cross Border Trade Toolkit

Posted June 26, 2018

Video Transcript:

Tools of the Trade: Understanding Your Cross Border Trade Toolkit

Whether it is Free Trade, Fair Trade,Trade War or any other type of Regulatory Sanctions it is essential to be able to PLAN, ACT & MEASURE.
GHY have 3 tools accessible both internally and externally that are continually being leveraged supporting businesses ability to PLAN, ACT and MEASURE.  Importers use these trade tools to provide real-time, up-to-date information to their industry associations to minimize the impact of any countermeasure or sanction while supporting lobbying of the government

3 Tools:

GHY Classify, Item Usage & Shipment Portal


GHY Classify – is an artificial intelligence tool that provides an audit trail and generates a certificate supporting a standard of care in tariff classification.  Following the 2017 Auditor General Report that indicated 3 out of 4 documents had insufficient information for forensic tariff classification, many importers who recognized their responsibility embraced this tool as part of their compliance & risk management strategy.

Item Usage – provides a historical awareness of activity to understand the potential impacts of any sanctions and plan production and inventory levels.  

Shipment Portal – provides real-time information and the ability to monitor notifications of when surtaxes are being assessed to ensure built into COGS.

So whether your trade needs involve to Planning (GHY Classify), Acting (Item Usage), or Measuring (Shipment Portal) GHY have the technological tools to provide answers 7/24/365.

Customs brokers are trade facilitators, partners and coaches.  Embrace the opportunity to work with us early in the planning cycle to allow cross border trade to be part of your competitive edge.  We’re here to HELP …

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