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Trade Compliance Models - Part III: Trade Compliance Champion

Posted April 27, 2016

In our white paper, we describe four general models spanning the trade landscape that would be considered best practice leaders in the effective management of global regulatory compliance.

Trade Compliance Champion

(Small and Mid -sized International Company)

The third model involves small and medium- sized companies operating as the importer of record in Canada and the United States which employ a single individual to focus on the trade compliance role, who is often viewed as an all-purpose contact point for a wide range of regulatory issues.

The Trade Champion reports to the VP/Director of Purchasing, Operations, or Logistics, with responsibilities weighted towards more tactical than strategic oversight.

Primary roles in this capacity include:

  • Oversight and direct management of third-party service providers for customs;
  • Quarterbacking of tariff classification, origin determination, and valuation data used by suppliers, carriers, and customs brokerage service providers; and
  • Direct responsibility for tactical compliance integrity; e.g., fines, penalties, storage, and demurrage.

The Trade Champion is engaged cross-functionally, mostly with procurement and sales, where the majority of trade compliance intersections occur.

Ideally this individual is also brought into strategic initiatives involving new markets or manufacturing locations, and is part of the Senior Management Team or Operations Management Team.

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