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Trade Data Diagnostic (Video)

Posted February 05, 2020

Video Transcript:

Trade Data Diagnostic 

Importers will be hearing a lot about CARM –but what does this really mean, and what's next?

Most importers will be receiving communication from the the government (CBSA) this year. sounding like: "Hi, we’re from the government and ‘we’re here to help’".  Many will also be hearing from a customs broker or trade specialist (people like me) seeking to sell a bond or sign you up for a service. 

GHY is taking a different approach and offering a complimentary diagnostic that will  

1. Give you context as to the ‘amount of coverage actually needed’ and ‘a full understanding of all security solutions that fit the unique needs of your business’

2. A diagnostic highlighting risks/opportunities (based on CBSA audit verification priorities & existing and emerging FTA’s)

3. Cost savings logistics observations

Contact myself, a trade service advisor, or for more details.

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