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Trade Update • October 27, 2022

n March 2022, the Minister of Transport created an independent National Supply Chain Task Force to examine pressures affecting Canada’s supply chain operations. The Task Force consulted with stakeholders, business leaders and transportation industry experts across Canada.

The Final Report of the National Supply Chain Task Force(External link) (released on October 6, 2022) provides advice and recommendations about how all levels of government and industry can increase competition, access, reliability, resiliency, redundancy, efficiency, and investment in the national transportation system and supply chain.

Transport Canada understands that supply chain issues have wide-ranging impacts and invites you to share your views on the issues raised in the report by November 15, 2022.

Have Your Say

Join the discussion forum in one the following ways:

Participating will help inform the discussion and considerations on improving the efficiency and resiliency of Canada’s transportation supply chains.


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