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ACE Truck Manifest: Test Environment Now Available

Posted December 16, 2019

In the coming months, U.S. Customs and Border Protection plans to deploy the first of three phases of enhancements to Truck Manifest functionality in the Automated Commercial Environment.

As a reminder, the first phase will provide a modernized trade-facing truck manifest User Interface (UI), accessed through the ACE Secure Data Portal, and will have no Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) impacts.

In preparation for deployment of the first phase, an ACE Truck Manifest – Phase 1 testing environment is now available to help familiarize trade users with the new ACE Truck Manifest UI.

Planned Changes in the ACE Portal

“Entry on File” Status: This new status will indicate whether an entry is on file for each Bill of Lading.

Type-Ahead Search Field: This new search field will enable quick access to account information and eliminate the need for multiple screen clicks, substantially reducing manifest and bill creation time.

Bill of Lading Types: In the new UI, under the Bill Type dropdown menu, users will see several shipment types (Carnet, International Mail, Foreign Trade Zone, and Department of Defense), which have been added to the currently available bill of lading types for use at a future date. In addition, the Instruments of International Trade shipment type will now be included under the Bill Type dropdown menu and will be available for immediate use. 

Templates: New templates will allow users to save information for commodities, manifests and bills. Please note that the new templates are expected to be available following the live deployment of the new UI.

Testing Environment

The testing environment provides users the ability to create manifests within the new UI and to send questions/feedback to CBP. This environment allows users to familiarize themselves with the new UI before live deployment in March 2020.

In the testing environment, actual account information is unavailable. Users are asked to test the system by creating test account data such as crew, commercial parties, and vehicles, while avoiding the use of personally identifiable information.

To access the ACE Truck Manifest – Phase 1 testing environment click here.  Users can log in using their ACE Portal account User ID and Password.

Note: When typing in the URL, the forward slash at the end must be included or the address will not resolve properly.

Need More Information?

For detailed instructions on how to access the ACE Truck Manifest – Phase 1 testing environment, and for more details on the Phase 1 deployment, please see the ACE Truck Manifest- Phase 1 Information Notice.

Should you have any questions about these new enhancements to Truck Manifest functionality in the ACE Portal, don’t hesitate to contact us – our trade experts are here to help.


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