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U.S. Ambassador’s Agenda on Cross-Border Trade, TPP and Intellectual Property Rights

Posted June 03, 2014

Recently-appointed U.S. Ambassador to Canada, Bruce A. Heyman, delivered his first official speech to Canadians at a dinner event on June 2nd at the National Gallery of Canada.

In a speech entitled, “The U.S. and Canada: Stronger Together,” Ambassador Heyman discussed the potential growth areas for the Canada-U.S. relationship and his bilateral priorities for the future.

“Our enduring relationship has growth potential beyond our imagination,” said Heyman. “The future of our shared economic potential lies in our ability to support each other in the creation of opportunity and jobs for all.”

With trade between the two countries estimated $2 billion a day, removing some trade irritants could improve the flow of business both ways.

“I am committed to work hard with Canada in increasing programs and technology to maximize the efficiency of our border,” Heyman said.  “A crucial step will be finalizing pre-clearance negotiations and ensuring we have parallel customs procedures in place.”

Heyman also said the U.S. would like to see Canada take further steps on intellectual property rights.  “It is in the best interest of the U.S. and Canada to expand this legislation to include in-transit goods. We should have laws and procedures stopping these illegal goods at our shared perimeters.”

Heyman said it was “critically important that Canada, and all 12 Trans-Pacific Partnership countries, make the difficult decisions now that are necessary to conclude a comprehensive, highly ambitious, 21st-century agreement.”

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