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USTR Announces Additional Section 301 Product Exclusions

Posted November 12, 2019

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative last week announced additional exclusions from the Section 301 additional 25% tariff on various List 3 goods imported from China.

The latest batch of exclusions include aluminum cylinder heads for internal combustion engines (8409.91.3000) and half shafts for motor vehicles (8708.50.9500), along with 34 specific product descriptions covering a diverse range of goods such as fence panels, pet leashes, floor tiles and coverings, fabrics and yarns, extension cords, folding chairs and stools, tools, vehicle wheels, etc.

These exclusions are effective to September 24, 2018 through August 6, 2020 and are available to any importer—you do not have to have filed a request with the administration—by utilizing the new Harmonized Tariff Schedule number 9903.88.34.

Refunds of any additional Sec. 301 duties paid as of the effective date on goods meeting the specified product description may also be applied for via a post summary correction or protest within the usual time limits.

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