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USTR Grants Limited Section 301 (List 1 & 2) Exclusions

Posted October 02, 2020

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative has announced (here and here) that it will be extending the duty exemptions for only 9 of the 96 products on List 1 ($34 billion trade action against China) and only 28 out of the 113 products on List 2 ($16 billion trade action) of the Section 301 tariffs that were scheduled to expire on October 2, 2020.  

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Scope of Coverage

The 9 product exclusions from List 1 include: all of HTSUS subheading 9030.90.4600 (parts of instruments and apparatus for measuring or detecting ionizing radiations); chemically etched steel dies; operator riding self-propelled aerial work platforms; cement retainer assemblies; extrusion machines for processing rubber; brass or bronze safety valves; DC motors with varying wattage output; and combined positron emission tomography/computed tomography scanners.

The 28 product exclusions from List 2 granted extensions include certain of the following: elastomeric petroleum resins; stabilizing machine tool stands; electric motors (including DC motors) w/ varying volts & wattage outputs; direct current permanent magnet motors; bottom shelf coupler assemblies designed for use with vehicles; buffering/cushioning plates, protection members, rear structural units and retention caps for use with vehicles; draft pack rear alignment and overtravel protection members for use with hybrid railcar cushioning systems; digital thermometers; and portable, wireless enabled, electrical gas monitors.


The Bottom Line

The 37 total individual product-line extensions will now expire on December 31, 2020. Over 150 products for which extensions were not extended will face 25% tariffs at the time of entry, effective October 2, 2020.


Need More Information?

Should you have any questions about these latest product exclusion extensions or other aspects of the USTR’s Section 301 trade action, don’t hesitate to contact one of our helpful trade experts today.


Try our Section 301 Search Tool

GHY’s Section 301 – Search Tool can help you easily navigate through the complex array of Section 301 tariffs and product exclusions. Search by HTSUS number (i.e. 0304.61.0000; decimals are required, or the first 4 digits i.e. 0304), or search by product description (with a word/few words). 

If you have any questions about Section 301 product exclusions or Section 321 programs, don’t hesitate to contact one of our helpful trade experts today.

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