[On-Demand Webinar Access] Economic Downturn: Managing Your Vendors, POs and Trade Compliance Efficiently

Economic Downturn: Managing Your Vendors, POs and Trade Compliance Efficiently
Trade Update • February 15, 2023




Brought to you by GHY International and Century Supply Chain Solutions.

With all the signs pointing to a major economic downturn in 2023, businesses need a comprehensive understanding of how to ensure that their supply chain is optimized to reduce costs and increase revenue, while their imports seamlessly clear the border.

In this webinar, we will take you through a dynamic case study that explores the challenges that a retailer encounters because of current economic conditions and their processes for managing orders, suppliers, and vendors. We will offer detailed solutions to these challenges in addition to applicable trade compliance guidance.

This webinar is tailored for all levels and industries of business, we invite all who are interested in expanding their understanding of the supply chain, and the importation process to watch.

In a case study format, this webinar will cover:

  • Current economic situation and discussion of how that may impact areas of supply chain focus

  • Current trends in ocean freight rates and how the ocean freight market impacts global supply chain management
  • Better ways to work with suppliers, carriers and other providers to route cargo, resolve issues, and manage the day to day processes
  • Third party logistics service provider and customs broker working together to benefit business processes
  • Tech solutions in the supply chain space
  • Interconnectivity across the supply chain
  • Duty deduction and end-to-end visibility
  • Trade compliance, duty drawback, free trade agreements with imports


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