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Webinar: Logistics Practices for Dangerous Goods Compliance

Posted July 26, 2016

“Dangerous Goods” handling is still dangerous. And, despite their best efforts, many shippers have challenges understanding and complying with regulations that govern the shipment of dangerous goods. There is an ethical obligation to keep people and products safe. And non-compliance can cause costly delays that could damage your bottom line and hurt your company’s reputation.

In this Canadian Institute of Traffic & Transportation webinar, dangerous goods expert Carrie Maxim, CCLP, will explain how and why logistics professionals should focus on compliance. She’ll also offer insight, best practices, and often-overlooked tips you can use to ensure your dangerous goods are shipped safely and efficiently.

The webinar will examine:

  • What to watch out for in shipping documents
  • About ERAP, CANUTEC, and other emergency response mechanisms
  • How to take advantage of TDG resources
  • How to develop robust compliance practices in your department
  • And more – plus a Q&A with the speaker

This webinar will be an excellent skill-sharpening primer for all professionals who are involved in shipping chemicals or chemical residues by rail or road – whether new to these logistics or more experienced and wanting a refresher.

Date: Wednesday | July 27, 2016

Time: Noon - 1:00 PM EST

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About the Facilitator:
Carrie Maxim, CCLP is a Logistics Planning Specialist with NOVA Chemicals in Sarnia, Ontario.  She has 25 years of tactical and strategic supply chain experience in various capacities supporting NOVA Chemicals’ Olefins, Polyethylene and Expandable Polystyrene businesses.  She serves on the Ontario TRANSCAER team—a multi-disciplinary voluntary team dedicated to HazMat Response—and was its chair in 2014. Carrie is also the past president of The Sarnia Traffic Club, a long-standing networking organization of supply chain employees serving local industry. She holds a diploma in Business Administration and a BBA degree. Carrie has earned two supply chain designations: P. Log (Professional Logistician from The Professional Logistics Institute) and CCLP (CITT-Certified Logistics Professional from the Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation).