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What is Success?

Posted August 29, 2019

I have been asked this question many times, and it can be most helpful when coming together as a group, when focus on a common goal is needed. 

All of us can look at an opportunity, challenge or situation differently.  And when asked, we would more than likely have a different definition of what success would look like and when we would know we have finally experienced it. 

BUT REALLY, what is success?  Success can be defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, and often the focus of any action. 

For me, success is seeing improvement, experiencing forward momentum and keeping in mind progress, NOT perfection.  Evaluating success, for myself, is being present during the journey and doing what I can today to continue to strive for the goal.  Success is setting an audacious goal but establishing measurable guideposts to help promote self-accountability.  Success is acceptance that, I might not be there YET, but taking action each and every day to get me one inch closer. 

Success does not always look the way, as I would expect it to, but taking the time to be present through the process helps me enjoy the journey and not focus on my expectations of the situation.

Often, I relate my professional experiences to my personal life and my passion for fly fishing.  With each fishing trip, an angler generally has the expectation that they WILL land a fish, and it will most likely be a big one.  But that expectation has led me to disappointment, more than once. 

Recently, success for myself came in the form of a brook trout that was too small to keep, and my dog photo bombing my ‘fish picture.’  As soon as I stepped into the freezing mountain water, I could feel success.  I soaked in the beauty of the Gallatin Canyon, the wildflowers and cold mountain water that made my feet go numb.  I appreciated the day with my family, my connection with nature, and that little brook trout (a bonus). 

Success is relative to the circumstances you are in, right now and today.  Success will also look differently as your skill set and experience grows.  Success for me, comes when I let go of expectations, appreciate the journey and appreciate the progress I’ve made towards the goal.

Next time you are asked, ‘What does success look like?’ Set that audacious dream!  But I’ll encourage you to keep the focus on your measurable, attainable goals that will help you reach that dream.  Doing so, will help you appreciate your small successes while building up to the big one! 

Linda Zyvoloski, LCB, CCS

Senior Customs Associate

GHY International | Geo. H. Young & Co. Ltd. | GHY USA, Inc.

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