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White House Announces New Actions to Boost U.S. Advanced Manufacturing

Posted October 28, 2014

A group of leading CEOs, labour leaders, and university presidents yesterday delivered the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership 2.0 report to the Obama Administration. The report includes policy recommendations to increase U.S. competitiveness for advanced manufacturing and new strategic initiatives aimed at securing a national competitive advantage in transformative emerging technologies.
First launched in 2011, the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (AMP) is co-chaired by MIT president Rafael Reif and Dow Chemical Chairman and CEO Andrew Liveris. Other members of the group’s steering committee include Northrop Grumman Corp. CEO Wes Bush, Siemens Corp. President and CEO Eric Spiegel, and United Steelworkers International President Leo Gerard.

Based on the AMP’s recommendations, on Monday, the White House announced several new executive actions to strengthen U.S. manufacturing focused on three key areas: enabling innovation, securing the talent pipeline and improving the business climate.

To enable innovation, the Departments of Defense, Energy and Agriculture, as well as NASA, will make investments totaling more than $300 million. These investments will concentrate on three technologies – advanced materials, advanced sensors for manufacturing and digital manufacturing.

In terms of fostering skills, the White House announced that the Department of Labor will launch a $100 million American Apprenticeships Grant Competition based on apprenticeship models already piloted by AMP members such as Dow, Alcoa and Siemens.

To improve the business climate, the Department of Commerce’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership will be tasked with building new capabilities at state centers. The partnership will also pilot a $130 million, five-year competition to assist small manufacturers in leveraging advanced technologies and getting new products to market.