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Our trade guides provide expert knowledge on a wide array of relevant topics such as USMCA/CUSMA, Customs Bonds, Becoming an NRI, White Papers on Trade Compliance, Importing Goods such as PPE/EUA Supplies, Importing Vehicles and much more.

Discover the answers to your trade questions.


Canadian Customs Bonds

Many importers are facing questions like; "how do I qualify for duty and tax deferral?" and/or "is it necessary obtain a Canada Customs Bond, if I don't have one"? We provide the answers and solutions.


Importing PPE/EUA Goods

Everything you need to know on importing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA) Goods - COVID-19 medical supplies.



The new trade agreement between USA, Canada and Mexico went into effect July 1st, 2020. Find out details on key changes from NAFTA, the timeline, and next steps.


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