Canadian Govt Would Increase Write-Off for Zero-Emissions Trucks

(Nate Tabak – FreightWaves)

Businesses in Canada would be able to write off the full cost of zero-emissions trucks under provisions in the federal government’s new proposed budget.

Electric, plug-in hybrid (with batteries above 15 kwh) and hydrogen fuel cell freight trucks rated above 11,788 kilograms would be eligible for full deductions under the 2019 federal budget, presented in the House of Commons on March 19. Current regulations allow 40 percent of the cost of zero-emissions trucks to be deducted.

“We will provide immediate expensing to a full range of zero-emission vehicles so that businesses that want to switch over their fleets can recoup that investment sooner,” Finance Minister Bill Morneau said in remarks in the House of Commons. Click here to read more.