First Canola, Now Peas and Soybeans — Canadian Crops Face More Headaches Getting Into China

(Rod Nickel & Hallie Gu – Reuters)

An expanding list of Canadian farm exports is hitting obstacles at Chinese ports, leaving sellers of soybeans, peas and pork scrambling amid a bitter diplomatic dispute.

China has already blocked Canadian canola from Richardson International and Viterra, two of Canada’s biggest farm exporters, saying that shipments had pests. Other China-bound canola cargoes have been cancelled, forcing exporters to re-sell elsewhere at discount.

Canadian politicians have said the concerns are baseless, and noted that China detained two Canadians after Canada arrested an executive of Chinese telecom company Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. in December at the United States’ request. China has used nontariff barriers before during diplomatic tensions, most recently against Australian coal. Click here to read more.