U.S. CBP Paid $13.6 Million to Consulting Firm That Has Recruited Just Two Border Patrol Employees

(Molly Olmstead – Slate)

U.S. Customs and Border Protection awarded a $297 million contract to an outside company last year to shore up Border Patrol staffing, but 10 months and $13.6 million into the deal, the firm has only secured two new hires, according to a federal watchdog report released last week.

According to the report, which was released by the inspector general of the Department of Homeland Security on Dec. 6 and reported by HuffPost on Tuesday, the Border Patrol last year hired a subsidiary of the global consulting company Accenture to aid in the president’s crackdown on migrants crossing the border.

Over the next five years, the company is meant to hire 7,500 people for CBP—a goal it is “nowhere near satisfying,” according to the report. Click here to read more.


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