Wall Street Titans Fail to Explain Trump to China

(Victoria Guida & Ben White – Politico)

As China and the United States escalate a trade war, the Chinese government is turning to familiar Wall Street and Washington insiders for advice on understanding President Donald Trump – with underwhelming results.

Corporate leaders and former US officials who have spent years cultivating relationships with Beijing – such as Blackstone CEO Steve Schwarzman, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon and former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson – have been fielding calls from Chinese officials anxious for information on what is driving US actions on the trade front.

But even administration officials are often at a loss to predict what the president might do on a given day, and people close to Schwarzman, Paulson and Dimon say their informal efforts to guide the Chinese on dealing with the Trump administration have been frustrating and generated little success.

“It has certainly not been for a lack of trying,” a person close to Schwarzman said. Click here to read more.