Presenter Bios

  • Canadian Customs Brokerage

    When your business depends on international trade, seamless and reliable customs clearance is key to your success. For over a century, GHY has been helping companies of all sizes from all sectors of the economy to cross the border with ease. Whether you’re new to the world of importing and exporting or an established organization with a global supply chain, GHY’s efficient Canadian Customs solutions can help optimize your trade activities.

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  • US Customs Brokerage

    Whether you are a company in Canada or overseas shipping to the United States, or an American business that's importing and exporting, our team of experts can help you clear U.S. Customs with greater speed, accuracy and efficiency. Eliminate border uncertainty and experience industry-leading personalized service from GHY.

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  • FTA Certificate Management Program

    We offer a Free Trade Agreement Certificate Management Program that can simplify the maintenance of your FTA Certificates. This program has assisted many of our clients, removing the burden of pursuing updated certificates at year end and providing ease of access to these certificates through our document imaging. An important program considering the 14 Free Trade Agreements currently in force. In order to provide you the best service, it is important we have clear direction from you relating to your FTA management expectations.

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  • Consulting & Compliance

    In today's exacting customs compliance environment, it's no longer a question of if you will be audited, but when. This is why a proactive approach to compliance can net dividends for your company. From diminished financial risk to greater cost certainty and streamlined internal processes, you can depend on the advice of GHY’s consulting professionals to help you trade with confidence.

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  • Duty Drawbacks

    Did you know that over $3 billion in drawback duties and taxes go unclaimed each year in Canada and the U.S.? Don’t be part of that statistic! Our comprehensive drawback service examines all import and export shipments for the maximum allowable drawback recovery. Every claim is prepared with the attention to detail and personal care that you deserve.

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  • Duty Refunds

    The potential for refunds of duty and/or taxes once goods have been imported and accounted for may arise for various reasons and it’s vital to protecting your bottom line that you act quickly and effectively to take advantage of these situations.

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  • Non-Resident Importer

    We help U.S./International based businesses become Non-Resident Importers (NRIs) to streamline Canada Customs clearances, offer their clients landed costs for transportation, brokerage fees, duties and taxes. Our Trade Experts work closely with our clients to understand their business and create a distinctive NRI solution that really works. Making it easier for businesses to expand into the Canadian market.

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  • Freight Forwarding & Distribution

    Experience an affordable, all-inclusive cross-border service for parcel and CWT (less than pallet load) shipments. With reliable daily service between Winnipeg and our warehouse facility in Pembina, ND, GHY is the perfect solution for many of your freight forwarding and logistics needs.

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  • Parcel Logistics

    Whether you're a small business or large corporation, transportation costs can have a dramatic impact on your bottom line. Unfortunately, when it comes to shipping small parcels from the U.S. into Canada many companies are paying premium prices for subpar service. In response, GHY has developed the perfect cost-effective solution.

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