Consulting & Compliance

Navigating Today's Strict Compliance Environment

In today's exacting customs compliance environment, it's no longer a question of if you will be audited, but when. This is why a proactive approach to compliance can net dividends for your company. From diminished financial risk to greater cost certainty and streamlined internal processes, you can depend on the advice of GHY’s consulting professionals to help you trade with confidence.

Minimizing Financial Risk and Uncertainty

Since the advent of the Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS) in Canada and implementation of the “Informed Compliance” standard in the U.S., customs agencies on both sides of the border have issued millions of dollars in penalties for contraventions of their respective import and export regulations. The message is clear: companies must exercise greater care than ever to ensure their activities are compliant with all applicable trade laws/regulations and take preventative or corrective measures as needed.

Our expert consultants can help safe guard your reporting systems and processes to protect against costly financial penalties and ensure you maintain a first-rate compliance profile with Customs. 

Leverage Our Expertise and Experience

For over 100 years we have supported our clients with timely information, insightful analysis and tailored recommendations relating to Canadian and US customs issues such as tariff classification, valuation, and origin determination. Through a comprehensive trade review process, our team of compliance experts can help you reduce risk, enable you make better decisions, and improve your bottom line.