Duty Refunds

The potential for refunds of duty and/or taxes once goods have been imported and accounted for may arise for various reasons and it’s vital to protecting your bottom line that you act quickly and effectively to take advantage of these situations.

Minimizing Your Import Expenses

When properly completed free trade origin certificates cannot be secured at the time of import you may end up paying a higher rate of duty than is necessary. Once obtained, however, you are entitled to a refund of the amount overpaid. Likewise, if you are short-shipped goods, receive a discount on goods that are of poor quality or discover that an obvious clerical error has been on the invoice documentation, you could be entitled to a refund of duties. The Refund experts at GHY will work with you to file the necessary refund claim documents within time limits and ensure you recover the full amount you are entitled to.  

A Proactive Approach to Free Trade

NAFTA is a significant cost-saving factor in trade between Canada and the U.S., but the validity of origin certificates remains a concern for many importers. Often your suppliers may be uncertain about the proper method of determining if their products qualify for duty free status under NAFTA or have difficulties completing an origin certificate that will pass the scrutiny of a Customs NAFTA verification audit.

GHY can help you take a proactive approach to addressing this issue by validating individual or “blanket” NAFTA certificates or even performing a comprehensive verification of origin on all your supplier's products to confirm the validity of their NAFTA status. Taking preventative measures in advance will minimize your exposure to risk and give you peace of mind about your landed costs.