GHY International 2018 Blanket NAFTA/FTA Certificate of Origin Renewal Program

Blanket NAFTA/FTA Certificate of Origin Renewal

GHY International 2019 Blanket NAFTA/FTA Certificate of Origin Renewal Program


To Our Valued Clients:

As your Customs Service provider, we like to take a proactive approach to Free Trade to ensure our clients are able to take full advantage of preferential rates of duty on their imported products.

January 2019 is quickly approaching. With the majority of Blanket periods scheduled to expire December 31st, we would like to ensure that 'duty free' benefits continue without interruption in 2019.

We offer a FTA Certificate Management Program that can simplify the maintenance of your FTA Certificates. This program has assisted many of our clients, removing the burden of pursuing updated certificates at year end and providing ease of access to these certificates through our document imaging. An important program considering the 12 Free Trade Agreements currently in force and several currently under negotiation.

In order to provide you the best service, it is important we have clear direction from you relating to your FTA management expectations; therefore, below you will find three service options to select from.

Please take time to review the options below and advise us of which best serves you.

Option 1

This service option indicates that your company accepts full responsibility for obtaining and maintaining all applicable free trade agreements and directs GHY International to apply FTA Preferential rates of duty to a specific list of imported goods where the country of origin is covered by a free trade agreement currently in force (list of goods to be supplied by your company to GHY). As the importer of record your company will accept all responsibility and/or liability for preferential rates of duty being applied to goods specified by you in the above mentioned list.

This service option is currently under review in light of the new USMCA - United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement.


Option 2

This service option instructs GHY that you, the client, will accept sole responsibility to obtain and maintain FTA certificates and provide GHY with copies of FTA’s including those obtained after time of entry. GHY is expected to apply MFN rates of duty (non-preferential) on all goods imported ‘regardless’ of origin when a valid FTA certificate of origin is not on file.

Where a FTA certificate is received after the entry has been accounted for with CBSA, the importer of record can request in writing that a refund adjustment be filed when applicable. It will be the responsibility of the importer to pay any duties and taxes resulting from missing or invalid FTA certificates.

If you wish to select this service option please respond by Fax: 204-946-2118 or E-Mail:

Option 3

This service option indicates that your company wishes to engage GHY International to renew any Blanket Free Trade certificates scheduled to expire at year end 2018. GHY will provide a list of current certificates on file for review giving opportunity to remove any certificates that are from suppliers your company no longer imports from. We will request new or updated certificates as required making reasonable attempts to obtain missing or corrected certificates prior to final entry processing and pay duty under MFN rates where there is no valid certificate at time of release and/or final accounting.

For full details and fee schedule for this service option please contact our FTA Administrator - Mr. Brent Boulter by phone at 204-947-6851 Ext. 248 or by E-Mail:


We CARE About Our Clients

Regardless of your decision, we care about you as our client and encourage you to review these options carefully and select the option that you feel best suits your company’s needs.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these options please feel free to contact our NAFTA Administrator - Mr. Brent Boulter at (204) 947-6851 Ext. 248 or E-Mail:

We appreciate your continued trust in GHY to handle your companies Trade Compliance requirements and we look forward to working with you to secure your 2017 NAFTA Certificates of Origin, while maintaining Best Practices in Integrated Trade Compliance.