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We know the complex business of importing and exporting goods and we’re here to make it simple for you with our Trade Talk Blog.

Importing Gift Cards into Canada

November 25th, 2021|Trade Talk Blog|

Do gift cards require declaration to Canada Customs (CBSA) upon importation, and are they subject to duties and taxes? Read on to find out the answers to these questions and understand how duties are assessed on them.

Advance Rulings for Tariff Classifications

November 9th, 2021|Trade Talk Blog|

If you are importing goods that are difficult to classify or fall under more than one tariff classification number, an Advance Ruling request can help you. Read on to find out everything you need to know on how an Advanced Ruling can help you classify your good(s) correctly and ensure that you are complying with CBSA regulations.

Certificates of Origin and Free Trade Agreements

August 16th, 2021|Trade Talk Blog|

If you're importing goods to Canada or the USA, a Certificate of Origin (CO) is one of the documents you will need to provide. This document assists Customs in the assessment of the Rules of Origin and verification of the duties and taxes required on your imported goods. Here's everything you need to know about this documentation requirement for Customs.

Importing Cosmetics into Canada

August 5th, 2021|Trade Talk Blog|

Do you understand what products are considered cosmetics by CBSA? Importing cosmetics into Canada can be complex because of strict regulations and acts imposed by the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) and Health Canada. Understand all the rules related to importing cosmetics into Canada and ensure you do not face any issues or penalties during the process here.

Post Entry Appeals

August 3rd, 2021|Trade Talk Blog|

Did you know that you have the option to file an appeal with Canada Customs/CBSA regarding their assessment on your import(s)/entry if you believe it to be inaccurate or incorrect? Here's everything you need to know on filing a post-entry appeal on your import(s).


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