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A DNA Change for West Coast Shippers

(Peter Tirschwell – Journal of Commerce)

Data such as West Coast-East Coast market share, volumes and growth rates will ultimately tell the story of how damaging the months-long longshore labor standoff was for West Coast ports. Was the nearly year-long stretch of disruption and uncertainty a one-time episode in the minds of shippers that has now faded into the past? Did it permanently affect the attitude of shippers toward Los Angeles-Long Beach or other West Coast ports? Or is it something in between?

An interview last week with a leading retail industry consultant, who regularly speaks with a range of retailers about broader supply chain strategies, suggests that it was not a minor event in the minds of these companies. After past negotiations between West Coast employers and dockworkers were resolved, even after many months of disruptions, many retailers largely resumed their normal routing of cargo with West Coast ports being core gateways. Click here to read more.