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‘A Kind Of Vague Hostility’: Michael Lewis on How Trump Loyalists Run Agencies

Posted October 03, 2018

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(Ari Shapiro – National Public Radio)

There have been a lot of books written about chaos and dysfunction in the Trump White House. The latest book by Michael Lewis looks at parts of the federal government that don’t get as much attention, like the Department of Commerce and the Department of Energy.

The stories begin during the transition between administrations — and read nearly the same across each government agency.

“Before the election, the Obama administration had spent the better part of a year and a thousand people’s time creating essentially the best course ever created on how the federal government works, and what the problems are in each of these departments,” Lewis tells All Things Considered, “with the idea that the day after the election, hundreds of people from the new administration would roll in, and get the briefings, and learn what the problems were and how they dealt with them.

“And the Trump administration just didn't show. I mean, across the government, parking spaces were empty, and nice little finger sandwiches that had been laid out went uneaten, and briefing books went unopened — to the point where, when I roll in a few months later, I’m the first person who’s heard the briefing that the Trump administration was supposed to get.” Click here to read more.