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AI in Trucking

Posted March 04, 2019

Under Logistics & Supply Chain Issues

(Katie Pyzyk – Transport Topics)

The terms artificial intelligence and automation pepper discussions about the transportation industry’s future, often closely followed by mentions of autonomous vehicles. But while self-driving trucks are still in their infancy, AI already is influencing the back ­office’s digital transformation.

“There’s nothing new or scary about AI, it’s just the most powerful toolkit that we, as a technology community, have ­created thus far,” said Parker Holcomb, co-founder and CEO of Fraight AI, a technology-enabled freight broker. The last few years in particular have brought a renewed push for AI due to factors such as the “convergence of large pools of data [and] cheaper server and computing costs,” he said.

In addition, tech giants such as Google have created readily acces­sible frameworks, making it easier for software-as-a-service businesses, including those specializing in transportation management software, to “build on the shoulders of giants” rather than starting from scratch, Holcomb said. “We couldn’t have done this company 10 years ago.” Click here to read more.