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Air Freight Prices Down 11%

(Will Waters – Lloyd’s Loading List)

Worldwide air freight prices continued their fall in April, year on year (YoY), thanks to lower fuel costs and surcharges, with average global yields down almost 11% in US dollar terms compared to their levels in early 2014, according to data published today from World ACD.

However, excluding surcharges, yields in US dollars increased by 1.4%, YoY, during the first four months of 2015, indicating stable and slightly increasing underling freight rates for the first part of this year, albeit with regional variations.

Air freight data specialist WorldACD said April’s figures broadly reinforced the trends seen earlier in the year, as worldwide volumes increased by 3.3%, YoY, slightly lower than the average growth achieved in the first quarter. Among the various regions, Europe showed the strongest performance as an origin market, with air freight tonnages from Europe rising 4.1%, YoY, while North America recorded the strongest growth as a destination market, with tonnages to North America rising 12.6%, YoY. Click here to read more.

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