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All Signs Point to Punishing Lumber Duties from U.S.

(Vaughn Palmer – Vancouver Sun)

The B.C. Liberals put up a brave front last week when the Americans issued a preliminary finding of guilt against Canadian lumber imports for harming U.S. producers.

“These are allegations that, time after time, have been proven false,” declared the statement Friday from Forests Minister Steve Thomson in response to the unfavourable ruling from the U.S. International Trade Commission.

“B.C.’s forest policies are trade compliant,” he continued, citing multiple previous rulings by international trade tribunals. Never mind that those have not stopped the Americans from imposing punishing duties on Canadian softwood time and again.

“With the forecast for continued increase in U.S. housing starts, the U.S. needs our lumber and penalties only hurt housing affordability for middle-class Americans by raising building costs,” continued Thomson, appealing to the interests of U.S. consumers over industry. Click here to read more.