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America’s Farmers Call for Help as Debts Climb to 1980s Levels

(Mario Parker – Bloomberg)

The worst agricultural downturn since the 1980s is taking its toll on the emotional well-being of American farmers.

In Kentucky, Montana and Florida, operators at Farm Aid’s hotline have seen a doubling of contacts for everything from financial counseling to crisis assistance. In Wisconsin, Dale Meyer has started holding monthly forums in the basement of his Loganville church following the suicide of a fellow parishioner, a farmer who’d fallen on hard times. In Minnesota, rural counselor Ted Matthews says he’s getting more and more calls.

“Can you imagine doing your job and having your boss say ‘Well you know things are bad this year, so not only are we not going to pay you, but you owe us,’” Matthews said by telephone. “That’s what’s happened with farmers.” Click here to read more.