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America’s Truckers Challenge Policymakers to Support Bold Infrastructure Plan

(American Trucking Associatins)

Today, the American Trucking Associations called on policymakers to endorse its Build America Fund plan – a bold solution to fund the modernization of our deteriorating network of roads and bridges. ATA is the leading voice of the trucking industry, which employs 7.4 million men and women across the country and is the top employer in 29 states. In addition to moving more than 70% of the economy’s freight tonnage, trucking plays an essential role in maintaining America’s National Highway System through its support to the Highway Trust Fund.

The Build America Fund would be supported with a federal fuel usage fee built into the price of wholesale transportation fuels collected at the terminal rack, phased in at a nickel per year over four years. The fee would be indexed to both inflation and improvements in fuel efficiency, with a five percent annual cap.

“Tax reform has reignited the American economy, and it is paramount that this new economic growth is supported by a strong national infrastructure. A 21st century transportation network cannot be sustained with financial tricks and finance schemes – it requires real and substantial investment,” said ATA President and CEO Chris Spear. “The Build America Fund is the most efficient – and conservative – way to generate infrastructure investment and adheres to the bedrock principal that users only pay for what they use.” Click here to read more.