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Analysts Question New TSA Rate Strategy

(Linton Nightingale – Lloyd’s Loading List)

Plans to scrap recommended general rate increases and switch to base-rate guidelines announced by the Transpacific Stabilization Agreement in September certainly raised a few eyebrows.

The TSA says that the new base rates will fully reflect the overall cost of services, including handling fees, intermodal costs and bunker surcharges. It is therefore urging its members to finalise rate contracts at or above $2,150 to the US west coast and $3,650 to the east coast.

The last time the TSA tried such a move was back in 2009 as it looked to halt the transpacific freight rate collapse that occurred early that year. Back then the TSA set minimum rate guidelines of $1,350 feu to the US west coast and $2,500 feu to the US east coast. Read more here.