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Are Scottish Shippers Ready to Deal with the Impact of a Vote for Independence?

(Mike Wackett – The Loadstar)

It has been debated for a long time, but now – like the ground rush from a parachute jump – the date for Scotland to cast its vote on independence from the rest of the United Kingdom is speedily approaching.

On September 18, voters in Scotland go to the polls – there is no ‘don’t know’ option, and there is no second round of voting: the result will be binding.

It seems that the ‘Yes’ vote has momentum; it has narrowed the gap in opinion polls significantly in the past few weeks to six percentage points, but the ‘No’ campaign remains just ahead at 57%, compared with the ‘Yes’ lobby’s 43%.

If the Scottish nationalist movement succeeds in persuading voters to vote for independence, then many questions arise, such as: Can Scotland continue to use sterling? What will be the taxation situation in an independent Scotland? Can Scotland remain in the European Union? Read more here.