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B2B Ecommerce Growing; Becoming More Like B2C

(Marcia Kaplan – Practical Ecommerce)

While B2C ecommerce gets the most media attention, B2B ecommerce is the bigger revenue generator, both globally and in the United States. The entry of ecommerce giants such as Alibaba and Amazon into B2B has accelerated the trend of B2B websites becoming more like B2C. Online B2B sellers now recognize that the customer experience in a B2B environment is just as important as the customer experience for B2C.

Consequently, expectations have grown and more B2B buyers require a simple ecommerce experience that mimics the consumer purchase model. Detailed specifications and product descriptions are crucial. Amazon Supply – the company’s B2B portal – offers free two-day shipping on orders above $50, detailed specifications, and an underutilized, but available, customer review section.  Click here to read more.

Globally, by 2020 the B2B ecommerce market will be twice as large as the B2C market – $6.7 trillion vs. $3.2 trillion – according to research provider Frost & Sullivan. The company predicts that China will emerge as the largest online B2B market with $2.1 trillion in sales by 2020. Click here to read more.