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Balancing Risks, Opportunities Key: EDC

Posted October 10, 2014

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Gordon Isfeld – Financial Post)

Ever since the recession, Canadian companies have been pushed to open their wallets to open new export channels.

But the risks that come with tapping into some of those markets can present other challenges – and dangers, such as geopolitical instability.

“What seems to be clear is that we’ve moved from a period of economic turbulence to an era increasingly imperilled by so-called political risks,” says Stuart Bergman, assistant chief economist at Export Development Canada, which published on Thursday its Country Risk Quarterly, which looks at global trade and investment prospects and their downsides. “The aftermath of the economic crisis has seemingly given rise to a ‘new,’ even more enigmatic threat to global business,” Bergman writes, which has “made it difficult for market participants to get a handle on the costs to business posed by these risks.” Read more here.