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Best if Canada Pays for $250M U.S. Customs Plaza, Says U.S.

(CBC News)

When it comes to a new $250-million U.S. Customs Plaza in Detroit, the Department of Homeland Security says the best possible outcome would be for Canada to pay for it all. The department says by Canada paying the bill, it would keep the project on track.

The U.S. government has not yet allocated funds for the plaza that's needed to eventually finish the new international crossing connecting west Windsor and Detroit, Michigan. The two cities already share two international crossing, the privately-owned, nearly 90 year-old Ambassador Bridge and the publicly-owned Windsor-Detroit Tunnel.

Monday, U.S. President Barack Obama tabled a budget that again did not include funding for the new U.S. plaza. Tuesday, the Department of Homeland Security said the U.S. Government was not party to the international agreement Canada and the State of Michigan signed three years ago. Click here to read more.