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Bill Introduced to Take on Mexico’s Trade Practices

(Tom Karst – The Packer)

Legislation called the Defending Domestic Produce Production Act would relax thresholds needed by U.S. producers to bring anti-dumping lawsuits against imported produce.

The legislation, first proposed in September, was reintroduced in early January in the new Congress by Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., and also by U.S. Representatives Vern Buchanan, R-Fla., and Al Lawson, D-Fla. The lawmakers say the bill will help Florida growers combat Mexico’s unfair trade practices.

The proposed legislation would make it easier for Florida farmers to petition the Department of Commerce and the U.S. International Trade Commission to investigate illegal subsidies and dumping of Mexican fruits and vegetables in the U.S. market, according to a news release. Click here to read more.