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Border Services Looking at Rebooting Controversial Reality TV Show

Posted December 11, 2018

Under Canadian Customs Issues

(Catharine Tunney – CBC News)

The Canada Border Services Agency is looking at getting back into the reality TV show game, just two years after the federal privacy commissioner said the agency’s show Border Security: Canada’s Front Line broke the law.

The National Geographic Channel series showed audiences unscripted encounters between border officers and the public. A normal episode would involve officers questioning and searching people at airports and land crossings — sometimes with their faces blurred, sometimes not.

In 2016, the privacy commissioner found the agency violated the rights of a migrant worker who was filmed during a construction site raid in Vancouver. That led the agency to end its involvement with the series.

But the show isn’t completely dead yet. A spokesperson for the CBSA confirmed the “agency is exploring the possibility of renewing the series.” Click here to read more.