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Both Sides of the Manufacturing Equation

(Christine McDaniel – Global Trade Magazine)

President Trump and his economic team have an opportunity to fix something that none of their predecessors have been able to get right: price discrimination.

A form of price discrimination, dumping is said to occur when foreign manufacturers sell their goods at a lower price than they charge their domestic consumers. [...]

Fifty-eight percent of anti-dumping duties are awarded in cases involving primary metal industries. US producers in these industries have been hard hit over the last decade by excess production in China that is subsidized in some form by the Chinese government. In an effort to alleviate losses, these industries have sought protection from “unfair” competition.

At the same time, many US manufacturers rely on iron, steel, and other metals to make their products. The anti-dumping duties means they have to pay more for those materials than what their competitors are paying on the world market, which puts them at a disadvantage. Click here to read more.