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Bring on the Defeat of the EU-US Free Trade Deal

Posted September 03, 2014

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Nick Dearden – The Guardian)

The TTIP is an aggressive expression of the ‘free market’ ideology that should have been binned with the financial crash

In spite of previous suggestions to the contrary, the proposed EU-US free trade deal will, after all, include the NHS, trade minister Lord Livingston admitted on Monday. The deal, known as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership or TTIP, is a priority of David Cameron’s government – a “once in a generation” opportunity. But officials have been taken aback by the extent of public hostility.

At the heart of this opposition is the fear that the TTIP will give big business vast new powers over public services like the NHS, and undermine rights at work, environmental protection and food safety standards. According to a poll commissioned by Unite, 68% of people in marginal constituencies oppose the inclusion of the NHS as part of the deal. Even among Tory voters, just 23% supported its inclusion. Read more here.