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Bush and Mulroney: A Camaraderie We May Not See Again

Posted December 06, 2018

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Adrian Morrow – Globe & Mail)

In his eulogy for George H.W. Bush, Brian Mulroney rhymed off the 41st U.S. president’s achievements: Presiding over the fall of communism, throwing Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait, negotiating NAFTA and clamping down on industrial emissions to end the scourge of acid rain.

What Mr. Mulroney left unsaid was that, in all of these things, he stood at Mr. Bush’s side – sometimes as negotiating partner, often as sounding board, always as ally.

The former prime minister has the rare distinction of eulogizing two American presidents – he also spoke at the funeral of Ronald Reagan in 2004 – in perhaps the most visible reminder of how hard he pushed to bring his country closer to the superpower on its doorstep.

It was a policy decision that paid dividends during his own time in office – and put him in a prime position to help Canada navigate the stormy bilateral seas of the past two years, as President Donald Trump repeatedly threatened to destroy his country’s relationship with its northern neighbour. Click here to read more.